Horror and Thriller Films are the Best Myspace Glitter Graphic
Horror and Thriller Films are the Best Myspace Glitter Graphic

Soulja Girl Myspace Layout

Pink Happy Holidays Myspace Glitter Graphic
Pink Happy Holidays Myspace Glitter Graphic

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Special People

50 Cent Myspace Contact Table
October 23rd, 2007 under Contact Tables, Hip Hop/Rap, Music. [ Comments: 4 ]

50 Cent Myspace contact table


Copy and paste the 50 Cent contact table code into the “About Me” section of your MySpace page.

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Read the Comments

elly [ February 17, 2008 , 10:31 pm ]

I l0v3 u chris brown u r s0 h0000t and t0 cut3

loosedancer [ June 26, 2008 , 1:25 pm ]

watz poppin

valeria [ August 30, 2008 , 7:39 pm ]

hey what up chris brown is yr girl valeria u now how it is one love ?

gritty [ May 31, 2009 , 4:01 pm ]

first of all my name iz gritty.i’m having production problems guys beats be mess up either they don’t have the mini’s or the beats be a lil distorted.i just made a demo and somebody was suppoose to give it to you but who knows what happen with that.i ain’t no groupie ass nigga i did 9 years in da state pens.i go hard homie believe me.i know you already rich playa but i’m just asking you to listen too my music and let me know what you think about it playa.i’m trying to put my music on my myspace page now i’m working on it.i got 4 songs on my demo now i’ma put 4 more so you could see my song writing talent i could write hits homie.i don’t write gangsta music nomore i see where the music game is heading i’m on point homie.homie u put me on i promise i’ma do my job.i not looking for no 50cent deal i know it’s hard right now but i need help with this music playa i can’t make people beat professional if they don’t know what they doing.[feel me]i use to mess with jam master jay whan i was thirteen but i choose the streetlife i’m ready now check me out.when u hear my music please listen beyond the production problem and i guarantee you will put me on.i don’t have no help with production i could write my ass off though.i heard that new dude you signed he iight but homie i got expirience.put me on probation for one month put me in the booth i’ll show you how i perform.i’ll go song 4 song right now with any of ya best artists.i love making good music.it’s go hard or go home for me playa.hollaback if u hear me just too at least hear my music and let me know what you think.gritty

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